Themed Wedding Invitation Cards

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Published: 13th June 2011
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People across the world are realizing that a wedding in an Indian style is a lot more fun as well as budget friendly. Apart from the elaborate preparations that take place in any wedding, it is the Indian shadi cards which are the top priority. Indians believe in inviting their guests by sending them colorful wedding cards.

Not only Indians but many other people of other nationalities come to India to have their wedding in an Indian style. There are numerous celebrities like Kate Perry, who have enjoyed their Indian wedding thoroughly and have praised the style elaborately in media and press.

If you are planning to have an Indian wedding, won’t you like to ensure that your invitation matches your theme? It may be difficult to find your dream Indian shadi card in your town, but finding such invitations on the Internet may be a good idea.

Everyone wants their wedding to be special and unique and the first thing that comes to the mind that you will cherish throughout your life is your Indian shadi card. In your Indian shadi card you will see your and your spouse’s names together which will be printed in a Mr. and Mrs. Manner, and this will be an indication that the time has come when you will be responsible not only for your life, but for the person who will be permanently a part of your life.

Thus to make the moment special you want the Indian shadi card to be the best and unique. Themed wedding invitation cards are one of the most stylish ways to announce to the world how excited you are.

You and your partner must have decided on a certain theme for your wedding. For example your theme could be retro, blue, red or even orchids – basically a theme wedding can be as subtle as a repeating pattern or color. Once you have got your idea about the theme for your wedding, start incorporating that idea into your Indian shadi card for an immediate impact on your guests.

For example, if your theme is "places you have visited together", then you can start with the destination pictures or stickers on your wedding invitation card. Guests will definitely get a kick out of your special invitation card. If your theme is "seasonal", where you have taken colors and patterns from the time of the year you are getting married in, then you can incorporate that beautifully in your Indian shadi card. As a matter of fact planning a seasonal wedding invitation card can be fun and very easy.

If you have chosen a pattern such as stripes, polka dots or hearts for your wedding theme, then you can incorporate even these in your wedding card. All these themes will make a wonderful Indian shadi card background.

Just remember one thing – less is more. Don’t go overboard and make your wedding invitation card cluttered. Just pick two to three key elements of your theme and integrate those into your Indian shadi card.

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