Wedding Invitations: What Is Peculiar To Indian Wedding Cards - What Makes Them Unique And Different

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Published: 16th June 2011
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Indian wedding invitation cards are a gesture of one's happiness and love. They are always a feast to the eyes, both in terms of simplicity and quality. In Indian society, celebrating a wedding begins when the wedding invitation cards are printed. For the first time, the names of the bride and groom are taken together, so it is a special document for both families.

Wedding invitation cards are a way of informing your guests of the day, venue and time of the functions relating to the wedding and the big day itself. Besides, it's a way of telling the receiver of the card that you really value his presence at the wedding. Though Indian wedding invitation cards are usually traditional, these days they are also available in modern patterns.

What makes Indian wedding invitation cards unique: The bride and groom choose the most elegant and traditional wedding invitation cards to set the tone for an elegantly designed wedding day. Our wedding cards usually begin with an invocation or shloka or mantras. Others have an embossed picture of Lord Ganesha. This is followed by the details of the wedding—the day, time, place, etc.

Wedding cards don't just give your guests all the necessary information they need for the upcoming events but they also inform friends who didn’t know the good news of the wedding.

If you choose an expensive wedding invitation card, it will have gold and silver threads or lettering and gemstones stuck on, indicating that an expensive wedding is in the offing. Along with the invitation card, Hindus gift family and friends saris, blouse material, silverware, trinket boxes, etc, with a box of Indian sweets. The cost of cards depends on the cost of the paper and any additional material used such as tissue paper, cloth, etc.

The colors of traditional wedding invitation cards are red, green, yellow, orange, golden and saffron. Besides colors, Indian cards also have religious symbols such as Om, Lord Ganesha, Swastik, betel leaves, Palki, kalash, Doli and Baraat.

Another unique feature of Indian wedding invitation cards is that the right side of the wedding card begins with a shloka or mantra comprising a couple of lines, followed by the name of the parents who invite their guests to the wedding.

These days, wedding invitation cards can be bought both online and from onshore shops which can be delivered to your doorstep. Whether you choose a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or Jain wedding card, they are accessible to you no matter where in the world you might live. These cards are available in a range of beautiful designs—both traditional and contemporary—and look classy and unique and are preferred by Indians who live in USA, UK, Canada, etc.

These cards are unique because they reflect Indian culture and are a faithful reminder to NRIs of their homeland, India. In fact, so popular are these cards that even Indians who live in other countries than UK, USA and Canada, now use these Indian wedding invitation cards since they appreciate them for their singular elegance.

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